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The Manopsychotisches Ballroom

a New Aktionist kollaboration between sacred things (Nick Kilby and Holly Johnson) & gyrl grip (Lisa Newman and Llewyn Máire) at Frankie Knuckles event in Manchester 25 May @ 2022 NQ


New Aktionist Nick Kilby & Trans/Human @ Connect The Dots, Sheffield, 20/04/13 Disposal – a spiralling, warping, noise-filled crescendo of radio interference, nerve stimulation and other such oddities… Trans/Human Nick… Read Article →


AKAB II at Audacious Art Experiment 23/3/13 S2 4SE  8pm Thee NeoPagan Agenda (Llewyn Máire & Nick Kilby) Rejections (Michael Hann) Trans/Human (Adam Denton & Luke Twyman) a New Aktionist Kitchen (Llewyn… Read Article →


Gastrocculture: Thee hidden, underground, and mystical side(s) ov Cook-ing and Eat-ing. a portmanteau ov Gastr (ov thee stomach), Occult (any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies),… Read Article →

Don’t Touch Me There

LONDON REPORT Don’t Touch Me There Franko B’s Performance Night at the Flying Dutchman by Lisa Newman “Invoking Jonestown” by Nick Kilby, with sound by Llewyn Maire, photo by Lisa Newman


Kaizen – unEnd-ing Creative Improvement ov Process >>>

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