UPDATE: Call for ejournal submissions, papers and performances: The State of Magick/The Magickal State


Due to overwhelming international interest, alongside the conference and symposium, we are pleased to announce a call for submissions to be included in an accompanying electronic journal. Content can include (but not exclusively), annotated images of performance documentation, academic papers and creative writing. Please see below for guidelines and submission dates.

The State of Magick/The Magickal State

A two day conference and performance symposium

May 23 Conference (registration fee £15.00 including a light lunch and free entry to the symposium)

May 24 Performance Symposium (£5.00)

De Montfort University, Leicester

Abstracts and performance proposals are requested for inclusion as part of the inaugural two day conference and symposium The State of Magick/The Magickal State, held within De Montfort University, Leicester. The gathering focusses around the lived and living experience of post-Crowleyian systems of magick and its relationship to certain British subcultures of the creative arts since the decline of the Empire. Peter Carroll has argued that this dissolution of physical empire has installed a ‘tenuous link with identity’ upon the British psyche; thus creating an ideal petri dish within which magickians can flourish. Artists such as Austin Osman Spare, writers Allan Moore and Grant Morrison and self defined, cultural engineer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge have all at times made significant impacts within their own field; yet all have remained within the background of popular history excepting several sporadic, independent efforts to critically evaluate their contribution to the creative landscape.

This conference and symposia not only seeks to open a discourse on these practitioners and their work, but also study the methodologies, tenets and politic of their Magickal systems and how these interrelate to the secular field of contemporary performance and live art; with examples of ritualised and spiritual processes manifesting in a wide spectrum of works from artists such as Kenneth Anger, Elijah Burgher, Coil, Shana Robbins and Black Sun Productions.

The call is open for individual papers, panel applications and performance works which can take any form. Papers should aim to be around 15-25 minutes in length. Performances proposed can be up to 5 hours in duration.

Topics for both conference and symposium to be explored can be, but not exclusively:

Contemporary rationalisation of esoteric practice

The documentation of ritual action

Ecstatic communities and subcultures

The internet and the occult

Sound and ritual

Modern day Sex Magick

The Magickian and the book

Performing public ritual

The sigil and its legacies

Transpersonal psychology and the creative process

Conference speakers need not pay the registration cost or entry into the symposium. Performers can attend both days free of charge and will receive £100.00 travel and accommodation bursary immediately following the event.

Proposals and abstracts can be up to 500 words and be subsidised with a short biography and related web links if appropriate.

The deadline for abstracts/performance proposals is Sunday 16 th of March, with confirmation of acceptance taking place by Wednesday 19 th . Details on how to register will follow this date.

The deadline for ejournal abstracts is the 15th of April, with finalised drafts requested to be submitted no later than the 12th of May.

Proposals should be sent with a relevant subject line to n.kilby9932@gmail.com.

We are happy to accept early draft submissions and answer any questions via this email also, and aim to answer any queries within 24 hours.

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