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State Control Resistance

Llewyn Máire seeks a New Aktionist occupation of the NSK State via a performance of sound, aktion, and border transgression. State Control Resistance is a 23 minute live manipulation of repurposed audio… Read Article →

Pleasure Paradox

Pleasure Paradox at MK Gallery from Christina Millare on Vimeo. Thursday 31 October 2013, 6pm – 11pm Featuring : Fabienne Audéoud, John Costi, Nick Kilby & Trans/Human, Jen Liu and Janek Schaefer… Read Article →


a New Aktion from Trans/Human, Nick Kilby & Llewyn Máire – ‘Zanoni [thee lived strings]’ is developed by the ongoing collaboration of Adam Denton, Luke Twyman and Nick Kilby and is a… Read Article →


New Aktionist Nick Kilby & Trans/Human @ Connect The Dots, Sheffield, 20/04/13 Disposal – a spiralling, warping, noise-filled crescendo of radio interference, nerve stimulation and other such oddities… Trans/Human Nick… Read Article →

Welcoum to thee Bunker

The 28th of April marks the first Sheffield based Glorious Trauma/ New Aktionist Kitchen event, taking place at the Audacious Art Experiment. We are proud to open A.K.A.B.- an Audacious Kommunity Aktion… Read Article →

Hijikata is my Homeboy

from Tingz phli in2 meYe höhlz, released 23 May 2007 rekorded live via sample/groove/stomp boxz, vox, radio & ritualaktion rekordingz at Hotel Pupik/Schrattenberg Scholß, St. Lorenzen bei Scheifling, Austria via Llewyn Máire

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