Herr Mannelig – Søren’s Snaps Recipe

Herr Mannelig was performed at the first Sheffield based Glorious Trauma/New Aktionist Kitchen event, taking place at the Audacious Art Experiment.

Photo by Becca Hunter

We share out a bottle of akvavit that has been flavoured following the “Winter Snaps” recipe of a Copenhagen chef named Søren. I sing the Swedish folk song whilst bleeding from the head. Then we drink. Skål!

Søren’s Snaps

~ One bottle of decent akvavit, e.g. ‘Aalborg’

~ Half an apple
~ Half a pear
~ Half a vanilla pod ~ 8 whole cloves
~ 10 coriander seeds

Pour out some of the akvavit into another container to make room for all the ingredients. You can always pour more back into the bottle later to top it up. Drop the vanilla pod, cloves and coriander seeds into the bottle. Slice up the apple and pear into narrow slices and drop them into the bottle as well. Leave for three weeks for perfect taste. In sunlight, on a window sill for example, is good. Maybe turn it occasionally. That’s all there is to it.

Danish toast: “Skål!”

PDF file – Herr Mannelig lyric translation and recipe

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