New Aktionists at Spill

New Aktionists Kris Canavan, Nick Kilby and Llewyn Máire are participating in this years Spill programme.

New Aktionist

Kris Canavan and Llewyn Máire will be joining Nick Kilby for the opening of a three day, durational, participatory aktion:

The hidden stones [that break all hearts]

Thu 30 Oct 2014
Fri 31 Oct 2014
Sat 01 Nov 2014
Police Station
13:00 – 19:00

A collapsing star, a black hole, was created, from which only a god could escape, or an idea. Not even light can escape from a black hole. The event horizon marks the limit of human science, not human imagination… things began to melt. Things began to scream. – Grant Morrison

The hidden stones (that break all hearts) is a durational, inclusive performance installation; the primary intent being to invoke a zone of pure and unrefined, democratised communication. A pathological working method is fused to occult praxis building towards a feverish, saturated mise-en-scène that rests on the energies of the Festival body as a whole.

Then on Saturday Kris Canavan will be performing new solo work:


Sat 01 Nov 2014
Starts at Ipswich Art School Gallery
17:30 – 18:30

I walk, I crawl.
From you, to you; a journey…
I sweep, I DREDGE.
I make an offering, to you, for you.
A sacrifice for new beginnings.
Walk with me.
Be present and bear witness.
A moment to view the streets from an alternate perspective.
Leave ‘it’ all behind and start again .

For tickets and more information visit Spill >>>

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