NPA 05 April

a Day ov Music opened by Trans/Human
and a sharing ov Blood & Sound from ╪ NP▲ ╪


Saturday 05 April

The Audacious Art Experiment

12am – Wizard of (Canada)
11pm – Don Vito (Germany)
10pm – Jealousy Mountain Duo (Germany)
9pm – Rejections (The North East)
8pm – Myyths (Brighton)
7pm – Spandril
6pm – Attic Salt
5pm – ╪ NP▲ ╪
4pm – Lovely Honkey
3pm – Dead Badgers
2pm – Trans/Human

Middle Room during day – Clelia Ciardulli (DJ set)
After Wizard Of – Bat Makumba DJs

£8 suggested donation, no one will be turned away for giving less.

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