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State Control Resistance

Llewyn Máire seeks a New Aktionist occupation of the NSK State via a performance of sound, aktion, and border transgression. State Control Resistance is a 23 minute live manipulation of repurposed audio… Read Article →


Ready Ever Forward – a New Aktionist Self-E-Sigil >> a post-SPILL Sigil Processing thee eXperience ov Nick Kilby‘s Aktion – The hidden stones [that break all hearts]


New Aktionist Llewyn Máire joins Ron Athey for Glasgay Festival 11 & 12 Nov for another manifestation ov Incorruptible Flesh: “Messianic Remains” More info via:

Messianic Remains

New Aktionist Llewyn Máire joins Ron Athey and Company for the London Preview ov Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains Friday, 30 May ]performance space[ in the Swan Wharf building in Hackney Wick, London… Read Article →

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